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Appreciating Your Job

A common topic people frequently grumble about is their job. My job sucks, my job doesn’t pay well, my job is like slave labour, my job this, my job that et cetera et cetera. A lot of people are not happy with their jobs and thinks that their job is the worst. Well, that is actually not true.

Some professions have to work day in and day out at a stretch sometimes without any fixed breaks in the middle. For an example here are licensed vet and doctor services. If a critical patient walks in they can’t say “hey now is my coffee break. Come back after 20 minutes”.

There are people who work a lot of late night shifts back to back in fast food chains, super markets and shops etc. There are jobs that involve heavy physical exertions that are hazardous to their health. There are professions that pay a meager some of money for your services that doesn’t even cover your bills. There are lot of things to complain about but you know what? It isn’t going to help. Link here is another indemand job nowadays that offer a great animal service.

We can complain all we want but that will only make it worse. The more negative you become and hence more tedious and exploiting your job appears. It’s all in your mind. Your mind can change the way you play the game. The more you complain the less you like the job. The less you like the job, the more you complain. It is like a vicious cycle. When you don’t like something it automatically reduces the amount of effort you are willing to put in and thereby it reduces your efficiency. The less efficient you are, the more likely that you can get shouted at by your bosses, disliked by your co-workers and more likely to lose promotions.

First and foremost think about the basics. Your job gets food on the table and pays your bills that it is huge. So you remind yourself whenever you think of complaining that this is the job that is keeping you from being hungry. There are thousands of qualified people without jobs and you are lucky to be employed.

Appreciate the little things that your job offers. For an example maybe it offers flexible work hours that other jobs don’t offer thereby enabling you to run all your errands and still pick your kids from school.

Try to enjoy what you do. There is happiness in every occupation and if you find where you fit then you must enjoy it. For an example for a painter there is happiness in the smell of wet paint and brush strokes, to a teacher there is happiness in the smiling faces of little ones and watching them grow up to be good citizens, to a fireman the happiness in saving people’s lives and to a policeman the knowledge of keeping people safe etc. Each occupation may have its own perks and points of enjoyment. It is your job to find it!